Friday, January 6, 2017

weekend wishes

Happy Friday!!

I've been searching for a "weekend wishes" picture for a couple of days. I had a few ideas, but wasn't feeling attached to any. Until this morning. I was watching the Today show and the celebration of Matt's 20 year anniversary when it hit me. I knew the perfect picture for today! Although I do not love the picture of me...I love that I got a selfie with Matt. A couple of years ago, we traveled to NYC and made it to the Today show. {The kids, my mom and myself. Mr. C stayed in bed}. All I wanted was a selfie with Matt. They were all running back in when Cade yelled his name. Being the good guy he is, when he heard a kid calling his name - he stopped and came over to say hi. Cade said, "my mom wants a selfie with you"!! We quickly snapped the photo before he had to run back to the set.

I've been a fan since the beginning. I used to follow his "where in the world is Matt Lauer" segments from my work computer. I love him!!  I know, the geek in me is coming out...his brains far out weigh his looks! {Not that he is horrible in the looks department...just not the hottest guy on the block}.  Plus, he just seems like a good guy.

{On a side fun to have Katie back for the week too}!!

So, here's to celebrating great things and great people! I hope your weekend is field with love and laughter! I know mine will I bake and watch my son play in a baseball tournament.

Happy weekend wishes to you!

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