Wednesday, February 1, 2017

finding peace

Sometimes it is hard to find. Especially when you feel the world is anything but peaceful.
But, as I ran on my peaceful mountain the other day, I decided I would fill my days with peace.
No matter what.

Over the last few weeks, I found myself having so many negative thoughts about people, society, our president. This state of mind bothered me. A lot. I'm a positive person. It's not in my nature to feel this way.  Therefore, I knew I needed to change.

The best way to feel better is to help others, so I will be doing more volunteer work. I will search out organizations where I can make a difference. We will be volunteering more as a family too. We all need to feel better and make a difference in the world. What better way to fight evil than with kindness?

I am also unfollowing and unfriending negativity. If the person/group constantly brings me down and shouts their hate in my face...see ya.  

I will spend more time reading, writing, baking, sewing and less time perusing social media. (I bet if we all did this - the world would feel calmer).

This doesn't mean I have given up or am hiding until things are different. My voice has gotten louder over the last few weeks and I plan on using it. I am getting involved more (with the right organizations) and plan to shake things up...I just plan on keeping a peaceful heart as I march towards peace.

"If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."