Friday, February 17, 2017

weekend wishes

Happy Friday!
Awe...the weekend. We are supposed to have lots of rain this weekend, which will probably help bring more spring wildflowers like these happy, little poppies I saw on my recent run.

Springtime blankets our desert landscape with beautiful yellow poppies, red firecrackers, and a blue flower that resembles a bluebonnet.  And, they all hold a memory in my heart...
Bluebonnets because I'm a Texas girl - born and raised.
Firecrackers because, as a child, I would gather them by the fist full with my cousins and use them in our crowns.
Poppies because they remind me of my Papa Mac. He and my Nana used to go for drives every evening in their old Ford truck. I'm quite sure, that in the spring, they were looking for that pop of yellow that dotted the land.  I miss that. Not that I was ever with them...but knowing they were sitting right next to each other in that truck {she sat in the middle} out on a drive, maybe across the river {possibly with a Coors in their hands}...talking about who use to live where and what happened to the crops...and looking for poppies. love.

So, this weekend I will look for poppies!

I will be spending a day with one of my absolute favorite people {Linda} in Tucson. We will hike and talk, and talk, and talk. {We haven't seen each other in a VERY long time}.

If it doesn't rain {which I'm sure it will}, we will be watching our little lefty play some ball.

And, I will celebrate another year of my life as I turn 44!! {No big plans...just hanging with my loves}.

Here's to a beautiful weekend! May it be filled with love and long drives...searching for poppies!

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