Friday, February 3, 2017

Weekend {birthday} wishes

{photo from my 40th where he prepared my favorite pizzas on the grill}

Happy Friday and happy birthday to the love of my life!
I am so grateful to share another year of this man's life with him.

This weekend will be filled with a chocolate peanut butter cake.  {I am making this one from lifeloveandsugar}. And lots of love and laughter while we celebrate this man.

We also have a winter formal to get ready for. {"We" meaning Randi.
I will be taking pictures}.  She is very excited and has done so much work as secretary of the Social Committee to prepare for this event. {On a side note...she has just been elected president of the committee for next year}!!

I FINALLY finished that quilt!!! Therefore, that project will not need any attention this weekend!

Although it is only the first of February, I am getting spring fever. {Our weather has been heavenly the last few weeks and I'm thinking we are done with the cold}. So...that makes me want to plant my garden and flowers. Unless I can convince Cade to take an early hike with me tomorrow...I will be planting some happiness in the morning!

Also, a dear friend of mine just introduced bullet journaling to me. Ever heard of it? I'm very intrigued as I love journaling, organization, and colored pens!! I'm trying to get more organized with my time and motivated to finish some big {and little} projects. Check out these sites for more info:
bullet journaling blog
bullet journaling

I will also be competing in my first trail race!!! I am loving trail running more than road running and am really looking forward to this race. It is on the McDowell Mountains.

And finally, I am still reeling in the excitement of booking my Havasupai backpacking trip!!! I spent most of the day Wednesday listening to busy signals, but on Thursday they opened up online reservations for the first time ever!! I grabbed a camping spot for two nights in April. By last night, the system had crashed and is supposedly sold out!!!!  Next, I will be trying to book a rim to rim trip and try and obtain a permit for the Wave! So much to see in this beautiful state.

Happy weekend to you all. May it be filled with the happiest of wishes!