Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend {Playful} Wishes

{me and my nana. circa: 1978ish}

Happy Friday!
And, happy weekend of play!

This week, I spent two days hiking with my friend, Erma.  It is not unusual for us to go on a weekly hike, however, these were 10 miles each and we did it twice!  And the best part? We did not feel guilty!! We threw responsibility to the wind and spent several hours playing. 

It made me realize how important it is to, not only do things that bring us joy, but do them without feeling guilty. {I'm usually pretty good at weighing myself down with guilt}. 
Nobody was going to be stranded at school. Nobody would go without a meal. Everybody still came home to a clean house and clean clothes. Nobody was affected by me spending some time for myself.

My degree is in Recreation Management. One of my college classes was actually called The Theory of Play. Play is an important part of life and social growth. People have been playing forever and we can't slow down now! We need play now more than ever. We are consumed with hate, competition, work...even our kids are over scheduled. Let's just play!!! 

My Nana {above} loved playing cards. Playing crazy 8 was my favorite thing to do with her. I loved it! {I also loved cleaning out her purse - hoping to find a treasure and sneaking bites of dough while she made homemade biscuits and rolls...maybe that is where my love of baking began}.
Now, I'm sure my Nana didn't sit around and play all day, however, she never told me no when I was looking for a game of crazy 8.

She was the best Nana ever. She would have been 90 years old last week. I'm so grateful for the happy memories I have of her.
She was my mom's mom. And, you know what? My mom plays with my kids all the time! I've never heard her tell them no when they have wanted to play a game, have a water gun fight, or whatever. They think she is crazy and hilarious! And. I love it.

So, this weekend get out and play!!! Play to your heart's desire. Everything will still be there when you are done. I will be cheering my little ball player on at a tournament and baking/delivering a bridal shower cake. But. I will also make time to play!

Maybe I will even find time to play in the kitchen and craft room and make some of these fun Valentine things:

Here's to a weekend full of playful wishes!

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