Friday, February 24, 2017

Weekend Wishes

How is it Friday?
And, how is the last weekend of February?
All week, I took notes of thoughts that drifted across my head...things to blog about.
Obviously, none of that happened. And, even worse, I have no excuse!

I started this week by turning another year older {44 on Sunday}.
The celebration actually started on Friday. I drove to Tucson to spend the day with one of my favorite people {Linda}. We laughed, talked,  and ate pizza and birthday dessert. {pictured above}
I loved being with her!!

Saturday, Cade had baseball. In. The. Rain. They finally called the second game and I headed to the gym for a long treadmill run.  Mr. C invited some friends over for a birthday dinner. He cooked scrumptious food and I drank too much wine. Let's just say eating too little {and running} and drinking too much...does not make for a pretty outcome!
All fun and games. Until. The next morning!
{Not my proudest mom moment either}.

Sunday looked like this. We all lounged around and watched the rain.  We watched movies and snacked in our pajamas {or flannel robes}!

*Seriously.  I called for Cade and he yelled back, "I'm comfortable" and this is how I found him!

So, now that this week is almost behind me...the weekend will be spent catching up.
Catching up with a friend over dinner tonight. Catching up on some work {Etsy shop, sewing, local boutiques}. Catching up on some reading. Catching up on travel plans for Randi. {She will be traveling to India this summer...more on that later}.  Catching up on life!

Today I will be volunteering at Tempe Empty Bowls. I have wanted to attend this event for years. I contacted them over a month ago asking if they needed help. "Of course!" So, instead of just attending, I will be lending a helping hand. {Making the world a better place...spreading kindness}!

And, I'm sure I will be watching the glitz and glamour of the Oscars on Sunday!!!

Here's to a weekend full catching up and kind wishes!