Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I surprised my teenage daughter with chocolate chip scones this morning. An early bird, she is not. But. Warm chocolate chip scones will always get her out of bed.

She's a funny one. She is smart, witty, courageous, determined, organized, assertive...one of a kind.   Her sense of humor is a little dry {like her father}. She kills me. Daily.

Last week, she was asked to give a speech at the state capital {while there with Inspire}. I was not invited to attend. {This did not sit well with me until I searched the website and realized it was not for guests...meaning parents}. Her friend, Martina, attended with her as a prospective member. They left early in the morning, fighting rush hour traffic. I texted her when I thought she should be there. No response. I waited a while then called. She answered. This is how our conversation went:

Randi: "Mom! I'm pulling in now. I didn't text because I was driving. I'm here!"
Me: "OK. I figured you were driving. That is why I called"
Martina: "God Randi! You are such a bitch!"
Me: "Thanks Martina."
Martina: "No problem Mindy. I got your back."

These girls are hilarious. 16 going on 30.

Lately, Randi has been listening to country music. {She has never liked it before}. She is also considering attending ASU. {She has been extremely anti-ASU, but I think reality is setting in}. The other day we were in the car together and she wanted to play her music. It was all country. I couldn't believe it. I said, " considering ASU, listening to country...who are you?" She laughed and said, "I can like country. I can like wrap around porches. In fact, I can have a wrap around porch on my NYC pent house!"

She is in the final months of her junior year. She is looking at colleges. {We leave in a couple of weeks on a whirlwind tour of schools back east. 5 schools. 4 cities. 4 days}.  She has applied for a very competitive summer program at ASU and she has been accepted into a program where she will travel to Inda in July. Then, her senior will begin with college applications and preparing for her senior thesis. And, the next chapter of her life will soon follow.

My heart is bursting with pride, joy and a little bit of selfish sadness.