Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Being a Junior

{Randi visiting Drexel on our recent college tour trip}.

Junior year...
College tours.
Lots. Of. Decisions.

Last night, I attended a senior preview night with Randi. The hour long meeting overwhelmed our heads with information. The college counselors spoke about applications, timelines, resumes...everything but the magic wand to help us pay the tens of thousands of dollars college can cost.  A teacher spoke about the expectations and timelines of the senior thesis. Yes. All seniors will present and defend a thesis.  The kicker? College applications {with essays} and phases of the thesis follow the same timeline...with similar due dates. That makes for one busy fall semester!  Another teacher spoke about the senior trip. All seniors are invited to attend a group trip to DC. They will have a great deal of freedom on this five day trip with limited chaperones...a little taste of life on their own as they head off to college. And finally, senior blazers. Seniors get to wear blazers with their uniforms and they need to be ordered before the end of their junior year. {Woo-hoo}!

{Randi on the train on our east coast college trip}.

After the meeting, I rushed off to Cade's baseball game. Randi texted me later stating she was home. I asked her if everything was ok and she said there is just a lot going on and she is not excited {at all} about her senior year. She said they made it sound awful.
That broke my heart.
Senior year is supposed to be a blast!
Her school is tough. You sink or swim. So far, she has been swimming, however, sometimes she gets sucked into the whirlpool of honors physics and honors calculus. It's not fun. It stresses her out.

This morning, I woke up wondering if this had been the right choice. Should I have encouraged her to attend our local public high school? She could have been a rockstar with a stellar GPA instead of a member of the honors flock with a good GPA. She probably would be less stressed too.  Would it have helped her obtain more scholarship money? Her college counselors are amazing about preparing the kids for applications, etc., however, most of the schools she wants to attend are over $60,000 a year.  Scholarships would be nice.

She has a nice group of friends. She likes most of her teachers. She is receiving a great education. But. Still. I wonder.  Did I do right by her?

Maybe being a junior is supposed to be a little tough, but being a senior?
Being a senior is a right of passage. Seniors are the rulers. It is the last year before entering the next big chapter of life. It should be a fun year...more parties less stress.  Happy memories.

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