Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Happiness is baseball

Cade went from winning club ball tournaments to battling it out in Little League...
all within a few months.

Club ball kept us busy through the fall and winter and Little League has kept us hopping all spring.

 Hey! Look at that hot coach!!
{Mr. C, carrying the glove, is Cade's coach}.

I swore last year I would not make another banner...
that is, until this year.
I got all the supplies for under $20. It was over $100 to order a vinyl banner.  
I couldn't bring my self to do it...especially when they just get tossed after the season.

We are approaching our last week of little league.
But. It's far from over!
Play-offs will begin a few days later and then All-Stars!
We will be living the baseball life for most of the summer.

I love watching him play. He is my little lefty and is doing a great job pitching.
His only downfall is he loves it too much. His emotions get in the way sometimes. 
{Like when he threw his helmet last week. Not OK}.
He does not like losing. At. All.
{He comes by that honestly}.

I have mixed feelings about Little League. 
It is a very nice community with some great families.  
We have made some dear friends through baseball.

Thankfully, in this home, we all love the game. 
{Randi loves it a little more when she can watch cute major leaguers}!

So, keep on taking me out to the ball game!! 
It brings happiness.
and popcorn...
and peanuts...
and crackerjacks...
and cold beer...

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