Monday, April 24, 2017

Prom 2017

My sweet daughter {who is growing up way too fast} had an event over the weekend. An event she has been looking forward to, stressing over, and working super hard on...Prom.
Prom has taken over our lives for the past few weeks. {Okay. Mostly her life. But it felt like a lot of my life}!  As president elect of Social Committee, she was in charge of prom this year. {Therefore, you can enjoy it a little more when you are a senior}.  Being in charge of things is right up her alley. She is extremely organized and knows what she wants. And, she loves school dances!

She was becoming so stressed as the day grew closer, my mom lovingly referred to her as "promzilla".  {She just tends to get a little bossy and does not bend well when things do not go according to her plan. My mom referring to Randi this way is like the pot calling the kettle black}.

Taylor watched a YouTube video on how to put the boutonniere on their dates. 
She tried to do a quick lesson with the girls.

She just about got it.
{I adore this picture}.

I know she is a little blurry in this picture, but I love the way he is looking at her. 
{They are just she says}.

These two...
they crack me up.
{Nic and Sarah}

One of my highlights of the evening...
Nic randomly asking me if I would bake for him. :)

Beautiful girls.

Handsome boys.
{Mia even made it in the photo shoot}!

Randi ordered flowers from Fred's Flowers. {Where I worked in college}. 
They were so excited to see my darling daughter. 

Quite possibly one of my favorite pictures of the evening. 
Mia loves Sarah and Martina {pictured} and gets so excited when they come over. 
She was in heaven with all the attention she was getting!!

We were able to get all the pictures done in our backyard. The lighting was perfect.
They went to Rustler's Roost for dinner before heading to the rooftop of the Arizona Museum of Natural History for prom. The theme was "Summer Night Under the Stars"...
a tribute to Van Gogh's Starry, Starry Night.

I think it was a fun evening for them all. She has a great group of friends and I loved being with all of them right before their big event.
After prom they attended a bonfire and the girls had a sleepover. 
Randi is so good {almost too good} about always texting me when she arrives or leaves somewhere...
the texts were coming through well after midnight. Plus, they stopped by here after prom to change, get their cars, etc. I am not a night owl. Waiting up for kids is a huge challenge for me!!!

I am so proud of this daughter of mine and the young woman she is becoming.

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