Friday, April 21, 2017

Weekend Wishes

{the farm at south mountain}

Awe...the weekend! 
It has been a while since I sent out some weekend wishes. {Until the last few days, it had been too long of a while since I posted anything}.  I'm still playing catch up. Baseball, trips, spring break, prom,! I have pictures to accompany all of these things and they all need to be posted and documented. I will get there. Sooner or later.

Until then, I will fill the weekend with prom pictures and baseball games. 
I would love to get out to the Farm and have some delectable breakfast treats and mimosas...maybe Saturday morning??

One of my favorite stores, Frances, is having a sale. Maybe I will find the time to make it there on Sunday? Or maybe I will just bask in the sun...after running around all day Saturday.

Hopefully, I will complete the set-up for my etsy shop. I will post the link as soon as it happens.  Maybe I will even get some sewing motivation. {It seems to only happen when I have a pressing deadline. Does anybody else work best under pressure? It drives my mom and Mr. C crazy}!

It is starting to get warmer here. To have an enjoyable run or hike - you have to hit the trail early. Maybe I will do a sunrise hike on Saturday?! Before the prom chaos begins!!

One thing I know for sure...I will be baking some sweet cupcakes for my sweet sister in law. {I love being asked to bake}!
And, I will start preparing for my adventure with my brother next week!!! Havasupai here we come!

The weekend will be a happy mix of craziness and laziness...just the way I like it.
Here's to a weekend full of places to be, soaking in the sun, and sipping mimosas!

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