Friday, April 28, 2017

Weekend Wishes

This weekend is an extra special one...
I get to celebrate this guy {the bigger one}.
Not only do I get to celebrate his birthday, but I get to do it while exploring the beautiful falls of Havasupai with him. As you are reading this, we are hiking, laughing, and experiencing the magic of these turquoise waters...and I promise you, we are loving it!

My little brother is one of a kind. He has always been there for me...without any judgment...just words of wisdom.  Everyone who meets him finds him to be one of the good ones.  The real deal.  He has a heart of gold and lives life the way we all should...with lots of love.

I love watching him be a father {to my darling nephew - pictured with him}. For Christmas, we gave Troy two tickets to Willie Nelson. A few days before the concert, Troy and Debbie informed Emerson he would be the one attending the concert with his dad. He was over the moon with excitement! They have such a great relationship and Emerson adores his dad. {Lucky kid to have two parents with hearts full of love...guiding him through life}.

So, this weekend will be full of exploring, celebrating, and living life as we should...
full of love and kindness.

Here's to birthday wishes...full of butterfly kisses!

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