Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Life Lately

Since Mother's Day...

I made buttermilk biscuits and thought of my nana.

I made chocolate chip scones and made my daughter happy.

I've loved on this sweet girl every moment I can.
{She had a trip to the vet yesterday where she was told to lay off the cookie dough and pizza}!

I've explored more mountains. This crazy cacti was growing in the Superstition Mountains, where I hiked up Siphon Draw to the Basin...with my partner in crime {Erma}. 

I've seen interesting critters, like this chuckwalla.

I've baked cupcakes and celebrated the end of little league!!

I also...

hosted a dozen 17 year olds for Randi's birthday party {which happened to also be Cade's last game}.
We had lots of food, an outdoor movie theater and a requested platter of beignets for dessert.

Took the kids to the ASU vs UofA baseball game with some fellow baseball families.
{Randi is liking ASU more and more}!

Celebrated Cade's last day of school. He is officially a 7th grader!!

Volunteered collecting text books at Randi's school.

Will celebrate Randi's last day of school on Friday and the officialness of Seniorhood!!

It's been a bit busy around here.

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