Thursday, June 8, 2017

Baseball & Yoga

I know. Another picture of Randi! {Three days in a row}. Although, we were all at the ballpark today, I only saw the boys for a few moments at home.  Mr. C took the All-Star teams to the pool at Chase Field.{The coaches and players were beyond excited}! Since Randi and I both love the game too, we decided to get our own tickets and head to the game ourselves.

Lots of talking, laughing and scrutinizing the players filled the afternoon. We thought we were sending good vibes to her favorite player {Jake Lamb}, however, he did not have his best game. But we won! We were up by 8 runs in the 8th inning, so we headed to the car...hoping to beat some traffic.

The boys made it home about 2 hours later. Mr. C was dead on his feet! He crashed as soon as his belly was full from dinner.

After dinner and hearing about Cade's day! Randi really enjoys it and I know I need it, so I agreed to go with her. It was an hour of stretching {which kills me}. I really wish I liked it more and I wish I was as flexible as I was 20+ years ago...maybe I could start stretching and get some flexibility back. But honestly, I don't have the patience! 
Mr. C is a stretcher. When we workout together, I can be done with my workout by the time he has finished his warm up stretching!!!  And when I sit in yoga and they say to let everything go, focus on your breathing and feel your mind is racing all over the place! Tonight someone started snoring and I was a bit jealous! :)

I loved having my day filled with baseball...and ending my day with yoga wasn't so bad either.