Monday, June 26, 2017


Changes happen every day. By the hour. By the minute. By the second.
And usually, there is nothing we can do about it.

The Frye Fire is burning over 30,000 acres of Mt. Graham. What started as a small lightning fire grew into an uncontrollable beast.  Mt. Graham is a mountain surrounding the rural community of Graham County (Safford, Pima, Thatcher). It is also the mountains that hold a large chunk of my childhood memories.  My great-grandfather built a cabin mom spent summers there...I spent my summers there...and my kids have created lots of fun memories there.  To this day it is my mom's sanctuary. Her happy place.
Lots of negativity and conspiracy theories starting flying around as the fire grew..."The forest service isn't trying to stop it because they don't want the cabins up there anyway" and "they are just letting it burn. They don't care about the community".
The area of origin is a very rugged, unsafe area for the fire fighters and forest fires are necessary sometimes. It creates new growth. New life. Obviously, it got out of hand, but in my heart I do not believe anyone wanted it to get out of control. I believe the scientist, fire fighters, environmentalist have always had the best interest in mind. And. I think they know more than all the fear mongers and negative people moaning and groaning. Did dirty politics come in to play? Maybe. We will probably never learn that little tidbit of information. What we do know is the cabins have not burned and fire fighters are risking their lives to put out this fire.
When the flames go out and everyone returns to their lives, the mountain will be different. The view may change. It may takes years and years for the regrowth to take place. The mountain changes. The view changes. Life changes.

Our household is going to begin changing too...
Randi is entering her senior year soon. {After she spends two, life changing, weeks in India}.  A year from now we will be buying comforters and decor for a dorm somewhere.
Cade will be 13 soon. A teenager.  He is spending his last summer playing little league. Two short years and he will be in high school.
And with every year..I get closer and closer to 50. :)

Change is hard. Change is vital. We can't grow without change.

Recently, I saw a comic with a leader at a podium talking to a crowded room and he says, "who wants change?" Everyone has their hands in the air. In the next scene he says, "who wants to change?" No hands go up...just blank stares.