Tuesday, June 6, 2017


{Randi. Washington DC. March 2017}

My beautiful girl came home today after being gone for 9 days. She was in CA with her dad and family enjoying Disneyland {her favorite place} and the beach.
We all missed her around here. In fact, we decided it is pretty boring without her around.
Her homecoming: pure happiness.

I made the chocolate croissant cookies that she didn't get to have before she left.
The cookies: brought her {and Mr. C} much happiness.

This evening I was in our front yard watering my flowers when I watched complete happiness unfold before my eyes. Our neighbors are a very nice Muslim family from Africa. I watched the dad pull in the driveway {coming home from work} and one by one, his three youngest children came out and embraced him in a hug. Love. Nothing but love. The same love we all have for our children...regardless of race, religion, gender...
The scene made my heart happy.

And finally, I am full of happiness as I sit out back, listening to the wind ruffle the leaves of the palm tress, watching miss Mia patrol the backyard, and knowing my babies are snuggled up watching a movie together.

Lots of happiness today.