Monday, June 12, 2017

Headaches and Clean Teeth

I woke up with a headache. It was so bad, the first thing I consumed was water and Advil. I seldom get headaches...I was a bit annoyed.
A few hours later, Randi complained of a headache...then Cade. What was going on? Wait. I know. Maybe because we barely slept all weekend!!

Cade was in a tournament and had to be up by five Saturday and Sunday. Typically, I am happy to get up at five, however, Randi and I had a late night Friday night. {We saw Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen...they were fabulous}. Five hours of sleep Friday night lead to minimal sleep all weekend. Poor Cade was extremely tired. Early mornings, hot sun, and long days make for a very tired baller.
Mystery solved. Tiredness lead to headaches.

Although we all had headaches, we still had things to do. Both kids had dentist appointments. {I can't begin to tell you how excited they were}. Their favorite dentist opened a new branch about 30 minutes away. I decided to keep them with Dr. Brody since it is {hopefully} only a twice a year visit. Well, that 30 minutes was a long drive...especially with three headaches in the car. I listened to them complain about having to go...Randi telling me, "we don't have to go every 6 months". Ummm...yes. Yes you do. I tried to educate them on the importance of dental health. It can lead to heart disease, diabetes, etc. They were buying none of it. I'm not going to lie. I wanted to pull over and boot them out of the car. It was like talking to a brick wall.

We finally made it to the new office. It was awesome! I loved the decor and the location was great. It was surrounded by a Chop Shop, Mod Pizza, Home Goods, TJ Max, all kinds of happiness! Plus, the dentist and hygienist are so great with the kids. Randi and Cade were happy to see them and the feeling was mutual.  After a cleaning, a check over, and being told "mom is right, you gotta take care your teeth and yes, it can lead to heart disease and diabetes" {yes, there was an "I told you so" dance going on in my head}, it was time to get some treat bags and grab some lunch.
Before we left, they got to use to the photo booth. So fun, right?!  Cade got a mustache in the "prize gum ball machine" and had to do pictures with and without the mustache.

Lunch, drive home, rest. workouts, baseball practice, dinner, bed...I think our headaches have finally gone away.  

Hopefully, we wake up refreshed and well rested tomorrow. However, I bet when I tell them they get to help me clean the house their headaches come back!!