Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Baseball Santa

My boys won their All-Star opener last night.
After a month of daily {sometimes twice a day} practices...they got to play. And. Win.
It was a great game and Cade did an awesome job pitching. He pitched three innings without giving up any runs. It was so fun to see the reaction of the boys when that last out was made and they realized they won. Actually, it was kind of awesome.

I was almost more excited for Mr. C. He is the manager of the team and {in typical Mr. C fashion} has given it 110%. He has such a great passion for the game and enjoys working with the boys. He is hard, but they respect him and he has fun with them. He gets them the equipment they need, tough coaching,  and the pats on the back.  He even rented out the pool at a D'back game for the All-Star players and coaches to enjoy together.  Recently, I was talking with a mom and she referred to him as the "Baseball Santa".
When the city had not prepared the fields correctly who was out there raking, watering, making phone calls? Yup. My husband. He is a pretty amazing guy and I am so happy he got to share a win with a great group of boys. Hopefully, there will be more to come!

{On a totally separate note...while the boys headed to the fields to watch competitors tonight, Randi and I went to see Wonder Woman. Best. Movie. Ever. Two Words...Bad. Ass. Best line:
"It's not about deserve, it's about what you believe...and I believe in love."
Amen sister. Amen}.