Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday, Monday

I'm finally posting on a Monday!! Lots to catch up on...I may be all over the place.

The above picture...just makes me happy. My friend, Linda, gave me the flower for my bday. I planted it in my flower garden and it is growing strong! {However, summer has officially hit and it is HOT}.

{Randi circa 2005}

This sweet girl turned 17 a few weeks ago. I. Can't. Believe. It.

For her birthday, she and I had tea at the Biltmore. It is such a beautiful resort and the "tea guy" is the best. He is so theatrical when he tells you about the different teas and sandwiches and pastries. He definitely loves his job! Randi absolutely adores going to tea. {Love her. Lots}.

That night, the four of us plus Sarah went to The Henry for dinner. {First time...we liked it...would definitely go back}. Afterwards, we got scoops of the best ice cream {ever} at Churn.
Randi left for CA the next day. These were her birthday cookies I pulled out of the oven five minutes after she left.  She was not very happy.  {Timing is everything}.
Cherries are popping up all over the place. So, while the boys were at baseball and Randi was in CA...I happily sat in my kitchen and pitted cherries to make these rustic hand pies. {While watching Sleepless in Seattle}.
There were a few other birthdays to celebrate recently...
I made my dear friend, Nellie, the "smile" pot and my sweet nephew got the Harry Potter pot.
He recently turned 9 and he loves plants! Although I had an art bag full of supplies for him...his eyes lit up when he saw the fern!
For his birthday party, he said he didn't want presents...just donations for the animal shelter. He received $125 in PetSmart gift cards and bags of cat/dog food. He is a pretty cool kid.

And this little puppy...
last week we went to the vet because her eye was goopy. The diagnosis? Dry eye. A few days later she started getting a sick belly. {Ugh}! She always makes it outside, but she wakes me up at 12AM and 3AM to go out!!!!  {That tongue though...}

And finally, on this beautiful Monday I bring you...a bad decision.
I have thought about doing a cleanse for years, but always talk myself out of it. I'm never willing to back off my workout schedule and I eat pretty clean anyway. {Or at least that is what I tell myself}.
But, when I received an email from Nekter telling me how great their three day cleanse is AND it's on sale for $99...I had a moment of weakness and bought it.
I picked it up yesterday and started it today. There are 15 bottles of cold pressed juice and 3 bottles of vanilla cashew milk. I have four bottles down. {Well, three and a quarter. I couldn't stomach the one pictured above}. I taught a long cycle class today.  I'm hungry and on the verge of a headache, but I don't want to quit!!! I think I will eat some whole food and push through. {As long as I don't eat meat, dairy, caffeine or sugar}.
This is nuts! Lesson learned.

OK. Let's hope I'm on a roll this week and am back tomorrow!