Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Feminist

The kids and I went to Chop Shop for lunch today before seeing a movie {the new Pirates of the Caribbean}. Cade and I grabbed a table outside, in the shade, beneath the misters. It was very nice. Randi opened the door to the patio and said, "What are you doing outside?! It's hot!"
{Now...she had already been on a couple of rants in the car on the way over}.
My reply: "It's nice in the shade with the misters."
Cade's reply: "So, is it that time of the month?"
Before her butt even hit the seat she replied, "Don't you ever say that again! Don't be so sexist! Just because I may be in a bad mood doesn't mean I'm on my period! What if a man was in a bad mood? What would his excuse be? That is SO SEXIST!"
She was making a point. Very. Loudly.
I had started to giggle when I heard Cade asked the question. Here's my little blue-eyed 12 year old {on the brink of becoming a teenager} naively asking his very opinionated sister a loaded question.
But...I really started to laugh when I realized she had an audience. A couple was sitting several feet away. I watched them drop their forks and turn their heads in disbelief of this young woman. The guy had his jaw on the table. I lost it. Cade saw what was going on and he lost it. We were both laughing too hard to tell her what was going on. She just continued her rant. Finally, she stopped. She turned her head and smiled at the couple.  She said she didn't care. I know she feels the more people she can educate, the better the world would be.  Cade said they were probably recording her. She Said, "Good! I hope I go viral!" Cade said he hoped she went viral too because then she would get money and he would get half. When she asked him why he would get half he simply said, "if it weren't for me you wouldn't have gone off". True. So true.

These kids kill me. I am beyond proud of their confidence, feistiness, and laughter.