Saturday, June 10, 2017

Weekend Wishes

Happy Weekend!!!
Well, I almost made it to the blog every day this week...last night was a late one and I couldn't muster up the energy to write a post.
Randi and I went to see Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen and did not get home until 11:30. That is way past my bedtime AND I had to be up at 5:00 this morning to get the boys out the door for a baseball game.
However, the lack of sleep was completely worth it...Anderson and Andy were FABULOUS! I have loved Anderson for years, but did not know much about Andy. He was hilarious!! And the two of them together were awesome. We both loved it. {Five AM came awfully early though}.

Cade and his fellow All-Star teammates are in a tournament this weekend and Mr. C is the coach. They had to be at the fields at 6:00 AM and will play most of the day. I am teaching this morning, so I will join them in a few hours. We are eating, sleeping, and breathing baseball right now. The boys are at the fields every night until 8 or 9. Some days they are there in the morning and night! Thankfully, they love it...and I love to watch them!

So, my weekend will be filled with baseball...and cycle classes. I am teaching three within 24 hours. {I LOVE it}!

If I have a window of spare time, I would like to make this pink champagne cake...for no reason, other than it's pretty!

The above picture is my favorite all-natural, sugar free granola bars. The recipe is from running on veggies. They are sweetened with bananas and don't miss the sugar at all.  I made them earlier in the week while I was doing the cleanse. Which, by the way, I had to modify. I cut back on the juices and added some whole foods. I dumped the black juice {yuck} and continue to drink the green juices.

Here's to a beautiful weekend to all!!! May it be filled with pink champagne wishes!