Monday, July 24, 2017

Blowing off Steam

{my beautiful south mountain}
This weekend I needed to blow off some steam.
Normally, I head for my mountain. However, it was too late in the morning and the temps were nearing 100 degrees when I needed to go, so I decided against it. {Snakes more than the heat made me think twice}.
I needed to blow off some steam.
I was so mad at the two males I share a home with! {They kept me up all night making dumb choices}.
They were still asleep and I needed to get away.
We had dinner plans later that evening, so I couldn't go too far. {hahaha}
Endorphines needed to be released. I headed to the gym. I did enough cardio {stair climber and treadmill}  to watch two full episodes of Gilmore Girls {LOVE that show}.
I was starting to feel better, but not 100%.
I headed for the steam room and found a spot to relax. A loose towel draped across me and hot steam tingled my skin while I inhaled the calming eucalyptus. I was getting closer. After a cool shower and gobbling down an acais bowl from Nektar I was around 75%.
Shopping. I needed some retail therapy. Some new nail polish from Ulta and buying for others at Changing Hands did the trick. I was ready to face my boys.

I came home to two males who barely noticed I was gone. {Well, maybe they did but knew I was mad...therefore acted nonchalant}. I came unglued. Crazy woman. Too much pinned up emotions. I yelled and then I cried. Come to find out poor Cade was innocent and Mr. C was in shock of my reaction. Did their actions deserve my mad woman reaction? Probably not. But. It shook them up and they probably won't do it again!!

Ahhh...I felt better.
After reevaluating my explosive emotions, I think it was a combination of things...
I was genuinely mad and sleep deprived.
I missed Randi
Hormones probably came into play. {OK. Not probably. For sure}.

Blowing off steam is a good thing. A necessary thing.
I love being outside on a run and/or hiking. That is my first "go to" cleanse, but I have to say...sweating up a storm with Lorelai and Rory to keep me company, eucalyptus with hot steam, and a little shopping works wonders. :)