Wednesday, July 19, 2017

La Jolla, CA

As soon as we knew baseball was over...we immediately started searching for a quick get away. Good news: we get to have a little summer vacation. Bad news: Randi wouldn't be with us.
So...we told Cade he could take a friend.

The planning was left up to me...which is fine and good EXCEPT the boys would not agree to anything.  Drive to Rocky Point? No. Drive to San Diego? No. They would only fly. {Which I find utterly ridiculous...considering we could drive for less money and, all said and done, would take the same amount of time}. Coronado? No. I found a family friendly resort on Mission Bay. No, the bay side would not suffice. Ugh! I was ready to strangle both of them!!
Then. I found a beautiful hotel in La Jolla...La Valencia.
{Even the name sounded wonderful}. Done. Booked for 5 nights.

{view of the hotel from the pool}
The hotel was built in 1926. Oh, if those walls could talk! It was located right on the cove with a park, sea lions, seals, board walk, and fabulous shops.

{view of my morning runs}

Cade loved the ritzy cars that were always parked at our hotel.  There were several...every day!

{Cade and Cole}
I think my favorite moment of our trip was the Padres game. It was our first time to Petco Stadium and I loved it! After stuffing our bellies with Hodad's... we sat back and enjoyed the game.

Some of the highlights: The entrance is like a street fair, the ballpark has the coolest urban vibe, there is a lovely grassy hill to relax and watch the game, they have incorporated old buildings into the new, they had guys come out and dance hip hop around the 7th inning stretch, and they had karaoke for the entire stadium!

They had fireworks after the game. And...the Padres pulled out a win in the 9th inning!
{Against the Giants}

Surf's up! On day four, the boys spent a few hours hitting the waves. {Mr. C in the top three photos, Cade in the bottom two}.

I, on the other hand, relaxed on the beach and admired all of the seashells. Being the desert rat that I am...that California water is way too cold for me!

All of that surfing makes for a hungry boy! Mr. C and I walked up to the board walk and grabbed a pizza. Anything better than eating pizza on the beach?!

{I love this man. A lot}.

The boys {in blue} did some snorkeling in the cove. There were lots of rays and a variety of fish.

{These boys are too cool for school}.

The views were beautiful. Sea lions and seals flanked the rocks and darted between coves. A couple of nights we enjoyed long walks along the board walk as the boys rode their skate boards and I had a few morning runs along the coastal path.

We also...spent a day on mission beach where the boys boogie boarded all day, spent a couple of hours kayaking around the seven caves of La Jolla, and shopped the surf shops of the area.

Some of our favorite eats: Cody's {right across the street of our hotel}, Crab Catcher, and The Spot. {We also love The Cottage, but did not get a chance to visit this time}.

It was a wonderful trip. I missed Randi though. {Little too much testosterone}!
When I realized the Pura Vida home office was right across the street...I had to venture over by myself. {The boys had zero interest in bracelets from Costa Rica, but Randi would have loved it}.

I didn't do the reading I thought I would...or the shopping. And I felt like a sherpa most of the time...
but it was a very memorable trip and Mr. C always make everything fabulous!

*{By Sunday evening I had hit my limit - a little. I showered and was getting dressed when Mr. C said, "are you going somewhere?" I said, "yes. I'm headed to the cafe and having a glass of wine." He quickly added that he would join me. So...we let the boys order some room service and hang out. They joined us an hour so later and ate some more}!