Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mid-Week Thoughts

Another week {plus} has danced by without a post. I write random posts in my head all the time...just can't seem to find {or take} the time to sit and put fingers to keyboard.

So. Here I am with lots of random trinkets filling my brain...

The game tonight could possibly be our last. We won one and lost two. A few things need to happen in order for our boys to play in the tournament this weekend. I have mixed feelings. I want the boys to win and move forward...but on the other hand...I'm {we all are} ready for a summer break.'s no secret I'm not a little league fan. The politics, the rules, the cliques. Don't get me wrong. It has it's purpose, but at this age...if your child has been playing a's time to move on and play in a league that follows the real rules of baseball. AND...we are up against teams that recruit for their all-star little league. They are {basically} a club team. There are very strict rules and they just barely follow them. OK. Enough. This is our last year. :)

The Weather:
I'm tired of everyone posting the temperature and complaining about the heat. Yes. It's hot. We live in the desert. And...we have poured lots of concrete all over this desert...thus making it hotter.  It comes every year and it goes away every year. The mornings and {late} evenings are pleasant. Get out and enjoy the lovely weather!

Social Media:
I'm over it. I've been down to this road before, but I think this time might be it. A couple of weeks ago I was perusing Instagram and FaceBook. After {way too much} time, I realized I wasn't happier or more enlightened. I was annoyed with people and frustrated for wasting so much time. I found myself thinking, "how sincere are these posts? do we need to know everything about each other? do I really want to share everything with everybody?"  The answers: not very, no and no.  So. I have backed off and do not miss it. At. All.

I love my two little sugarboos madly. They make me laugh. They make me grow. They drive me crazy. They fill my heart with unconditional magical love.
Randi leaves soon for India. Her senior year starts a few days after she returns. She informed me the other day she is ready for her senior year to be over. Talk about senior-itis! She is so done and ready to move on to the next chapter before it even starts.  Cade will be 13 in a month and the moody teenage hormones have already set in. But. He still cuddles with me. {Thank goodness}. Actually, they both do. {Happy me}.

I have had the urge to purge. Why do I have so much stuff? I don't need it. It doesn't make me any happier. In fact, if I had to grab things I wanted from my burning house...journals and scrapbooks is all I would need. Everything else can be replaced.  I think I could be happy in a little cottage with minimal things. Maybe I'm a minimalist at heart. {Actually, I think I'm a nudist at heart too, but that's another thought...for a later time}.

I was at Joann's yesterday and they already have halloween fabric out.
I started watching Gilmore Girls and LOVE it.
Is there anybody dreamier than McDreamy? {other than Mr. C, of course}.
Why hasn't someone banned Trump from tweeting?

The above picture is the view I will be breathing in and loving in about two and a half months when I hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim. Can. Not. Wait.