Thursday, September 21, 2017

Anything to stay home

{my student athlete of the month}

This kid.
This kid of mine wears me out. I think he has given me {almost} every gray hair on my head.
Don't get me wrong. He's a good kid and a good student. He was even selected as "Student Athlete of the Month" for September. He's cute, funny, caring, and very lovable.
He makes me crazy.
He is a mini tornado through the house.
Getting him to do homework is the absolute most challenging part of my day.
He is emotional. {can't imagine where he got that trait}!!
He is very social...sometimes too much!

He was sick this week. As usual it started Sunday evening. I say "as usual" because we all know he gets Monday-itis like nobody's business. He starts to get "sick" Sunday in preparation for Monday.
I made him go to school anyway. On the way to school he was taking pics of his throat saying he really didn't feel well.
Yeah, yeah. Heard this all before.
By noon, he was calling me from the nurse's office and said he thought he had strep. Ugh! So I picked him and took him to the doctor. No strep. Just a cold.
Well, that cold grew to have a fever. And. It lasted for two days.
I had to leave one morning to teach a class. When I got home he was sitting on the couch, fully dressed, eating his gourmet eggs. 
Ummm...are we going somewhere?
He said he thought we could go to the "Spirit Store". {Halloween store}. 
I did have some errands to run, so off we went. He was my little sidekick for the afternoon.
Later that evening I said, "I know it is WAY more fun staying home with me, but you have to go to school tomorrow."  He said, "OK, but what I start to feel bad?" I said, "well you can call me and I will talk to you down. You will be OK."
This morning he was dressed for school...walking around with the thermometer. He would put it in one ear then the other. Back and forth. Back and forth. I asked if he was going to keep doing it until he got the result he wanted?! He said it was high a few minutes ago, but he splashed cold water on his face and now it's down to normal.
I'm not kidding.

Oh my sweet Cade! He may drive me crazy, but I wouldn't want him any other way. He fills my heart with love and happiness.