Monday, September 18, 2017

Something in the air

Two mornings ago I stepped outside and something was different. The air was different. The smell was different. The chirping birds seemed to be chirping with smiles. Mia had an extra spring in her morning steps...
Fall. Fall is knocking at the door and I could not be more excited!!!
While most of the country is pulling out their jackets and sweaters, we Phoenicians are doing cartwheels over morning temps in the 70's...soon to be 60's. {Notice I said morning temps. Day time highs will still be in the 90's. But. We. Will. Take them}.

This means hikes are right around the corner. Awe...hikes. How I have missed them!

This means leaving doors and windows open. No more blasting a/c.
Cardigans can be worn over sundresses. {We can't stash the airy dresses away quite yet}.

One to two hour pilgrimages will be made to admire Mother Nature's wardrobe change.
{The fall leaves up north are breathtaking}.

I can start considering soups for dinner menus.

The aromas of apple pie, with all of it's cinnamon goodness, will be filling my home {and belly}.

Everyone from the grocery store clerk, to your neighbor, to the stranger in line will be talking about the weather..."This is what we wait for! We survive the summer for the next seven months! Did you go outside this morning?! It's beautiful!"

This weather makes everything right again.
Not that anything was wrong...but you know what I mean. It's a new start. New school year. New goals. New wardrobe {if you're lucky}. New projects. Good stuff.

This new "fall air" made me realize I have so much to document from the last month. Although the fall has brought on lots of new {and old} things for me and I feel busier than ever...I hope to slow down and focus on one thing at a time...things that make me happy...things that fill my heart with positivity, creativity, and productivity.

My day started with this quote {maybe it and the fall air has snapped me into action}:

“Most people don’t create great things in their day. They are too busy doing too many things at once. But true mastery (not to mention happiness) comes from not having too much to do. It comes from only having one thing to do. Just this one thing right here right now.”
-- Steve Chandler, Life Coach/Motivational Speaker

Happy, happy fall!!!