Tuesday, October 17, 2017

a night with harry

saturday night.
just randi, harry, and me.
oh yeah. and a few other thousand females.

harry is a former one direction boy. {and happens to be my favorite one}.
after the band broke up, he ventured out on his own. his music is great and he is darling. absolutely darling. {part of what makes him darling? he worked in a bakery with cute, old ladies before becoming famous}. randi has been in love with him for years. six to be exact. i know this because several times she said, "do you realize he has been in my life for six years? i have been in love with him for 6 years!"

the evening was quite an experience. show started at 8. doors opened at 7. however.
we had to leave our house by 5.
we were eating sushi by 5:45 and walking to the theater by 6:45...only to find the doors open and
a mob of girls crowding the entry way.
we were in line for merchandise just before 7 and remained in that lovely line for well over an hour.
that's right. we stood in line visiting with new friends...FOREVER!
but. we got the goods!

while standing in line, i noticed lots and lots of people with these hearts in their grips. to my daughter's dismay i asked what they were and why didn't we get one. i was told they were a fan project.
what's a fan project you ask?
well, some very dedicated fans cut out all of these hearts and hand wrote quotes by harry on all of them. more were being passed out when we got to our seats, so randi got one. {there had to have been thousands of them}.
ok. not only did fans make these, but they also {somehow} orchestrated it so everyone held them up at the same time!!! During two specific songs the hearts went up with flashlights from their phones behind them...it was a sea of glowing hearts.

harry was adorable.
honestly, all he had to do was stand on that stage with his music playing behind him...the girls sang {loudly} every word to every song. he could just stand there and do a hip wiggle every once in a while and they would have been happy.  fans were screaming, singing, crying...deliriously happy.
he is all about kindness and being who you are. several times he said he wanted everyone to have fun and be who you want to be. at one point, he had each of us hug a stranger. post embrace he said, "didn't that feel good? it did, didn't it?" {in his cute british accent}.

it was a fun night. sushi, cute boy, good songs, and my sweet girl by my side.