Wednesday, October 18, 2017

being a sports writer

several months ago, mr. c won an experience to spend the day with steve gilbert, d'back sports writer.
steve is a good family friend and a great friend to cade, therefore, we thought it would be a fun evening for cade. {and it happened to be just days after his 13th birthday}.

since he had to be at the stadium by three, we picked him up early from school and got him all checked in at the stadium.  {mr. c and i hung out at the cantina while we waited for the gates to open}.

he got to hang out and talk with several of the players...including our pitcher, robbie ray.

he spent time watching batting practice and checking out the club house. 
{and all the cool equipment}.

during the game, he spent his time in the press box with steve and the other reporters. he thought it was pretty cool. he loved seeing everything the writer's do. {especially getting free ice cream}!

steve was awesome with him and let him relish in the full experience of being a sports writer. i am so grateful to have such wonderful friends in our lives...friends that love my kids !