Monday, October 30, 2017

Glimpses of Senior Year

{homecoming 2017}

{last home game. senior night}
my baby girl is almost half way through her senior year.
she's busy.
she's stressed.
she's happy.
she's thriving.

as president of the social committee, she is in her element with planning dances, events, meetings. she gets giddy with excitement when she talks about homecoming, winter formal, prom...giddy!
i love how organized she is. {we share a passion for planners}.
i love her excitement and desire to make things just right.

however, senior year isn't all rainbows and unicorns.
she has her classes. {her school is all honors. no choices. you sink or swim}.
she has her senior thesis which she will have to defend before a panel this spring.
she has college apps. {however, she has already been accepted to the Walter Cronkite school at asu and is super excited to attend}.
she has a job {that she likes}.
and a very active social life. {ok. more rainbows and unicorns}.

it's fun to watch her grow into such an amazing young woman. i marvel at her daily.
and. i'm so glad, even with her busy life, she takes time to hang with me.
my dates with her make my heart and soul smile.