Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Pretend it's monday

{three little cherubs}

let's rewind the clock 48 hours.
if we did I would be right on schedule with my new routine.
the routine where i blog each morning {or evening} starting two days ago. :)
my photo folder is jam packed. i'm so behind in recording our life moments.
for example, the above photo is from a lovely family dinner at elements at the sanctuary. we all gathered to celebrate mimi's birthday...over a month ago.
still in need of posting: back to school breakfast, homecoming, cade's baseball experience, the Grand Canyon, and on and on and on.
that's my goal. i gotta get busy.
i'm already so busy. 
i'm taking a college Spanish class {that I LOVE}.
teaching Zumba again {which takes a TON of time learning choreography}.
on top of my classes and workouts with a trainer {2x a week}...bob and i are doing a TRIBE fitness class 2x a week {which kicks our butts}.
plus, the every day business of being a mom and wife.
life is good, but busy!

there are also lots of things constantly on my mind...
the state of the world. hurricanes, earthquakes, wild times i feel as though Mother Earth is really trying to tell us something. {unfortunately, the ones in charge aren't listening}.

the horrific Vegas shooting and why we can't get our act together regarding gun control. 

the NFL and the anthem. stand, sit, stretch, take a knee...i really don't care. and. neither should anyone else. it should not be consuming our country. we are fortunate to have the right to express ourselves as we choose. what somebody else does during the anthem does not affect me. it's a personal act.'s important to note...those taking a knee are NOT protesting the flag they are protesting the ways in which people are treated {or mistreated} in our country. taking a knee is a peaceful way for them to make a statement. {just as jackie robinson did over 60 years ago}.

to end on a positive note...
this glorious weather is still hovering around we phoenicians. mornings and evenings are fantastic. starting my morning with my puppy, a walk, and the temps in the 60's makes my soul smile for the rest of the day.

happy monday! 
{wednesday really, but let's just go with it}!