Tuesday, October 24, 2017

tell it like it is

two nights ago i may have had a little too much grape juice.
and by grape juice - i mean wine.
nothing crazy. just sitting home with mr. c...enjoying our sunday evening.

i made the mistake of perusing facebook.
and. of course, there was a post i didn't agree with.
and. of course, i had some liquid courage to post a comment.
again, nothing crazy. {even with liquid courage - i can't bring myself to be mean or rude}.

when i looked at it again the next morning, i still completely disagreed with her post and completely agreed with my comment...which got me thinking...
why did i need a couple of glasses of wine to say what i was thinking? i should always tell it like it is.
mr. c does.
of course sometimes i cringe when he does, but he does nonetheless. {i often tell him, "your message is right, but your delivery is way off}.
i never hesitate to compliment a stranger or start up a conversation with that said stranger. {my kids think i'm nuts, but i tell them it's good to have friends everywhere you go plus...people are fascinating. i like people. usually. i'm not too crazy about mean people}.
but it's always a little harder for me to tell it like it is when it comes to the not so fun stuff. i don't want to argue or even disagree. i'm a "make love not war" kind of gal.

i adore "i love lucy". there is an episode where they bet lucy she cannot go 24 hours without telling a little white lie. that means she has to tell her real age, reveal her true hair color, tell her friend what she really thinks of her hat, tell another friend what she thinks of her new home decor, etc., etc.
she said it was refreshing. it felt good! she liked it. {until the end of course...when her shenanigans happened}.

so...maybe this will be something to work on. i shouldn't be afraid to express my opinion when it is in disagreement with someone. tell it like it is!

{like...sometimes i pay someone to clean my home even though i like to think i can do it all. and sometimes i let my kids skip school just because i want to hang out with them...and i think it's just fine. and i treat my dog like the third baby i so desperately wanted and have anxiety over leaving her on trips. and i absolutely cannot understand how some people support and believe in the things they do. honestly, it makes me think differently of people. therefore, i try to not know! i don't think much goodness comes from organized religion. i think all human beings should be treated equally. i think a person can love whomever they choose. i think a woman should have the ultimate control and CHOICE over her body. i think...this feels good...}