Saturday, October 28, 2017

weekend wished

no. it's not a typo.
the weekend is more than halfway over.
it's a weekend wished.

last week was one of those weeks.
monday started with a dentist appointment {new crown} and dropping a full glass bottle of milk in the kitchen...
wednesday began with teaching two classes in the morning, catering a teacher dinner, participating in an intense fit class with mr. c, cleaning up said catered dinner, and baking 4 dozen cupcakes. {laundry, breakfast, packed lunches, dinner in between}.
i also had a spanish test {got a 94}, made about 85 teacher treats, and taught three more classes throughout the week.
friday came and i was spent.
i read a fabulous book and finished it on saturday. {the nightingale}

what did i wish for this weekend?
baseball watching.
time with mr. c
time with my babies.
so far i have relaxed, read, watched the dodgers lose and win, spent my morning and evening with mr. c, had a coffee date with randi, and a lovely walk with mia and cade.

here's to a weekend wished with lots of relaxing moments.
{so far so good}.

{teacher treats}