Saturday, October 14, 2017

weekend wishes

happy weekend!
early yesterday morning, i ventured out to my beloved mountain. due to the heat, i had not been there since july. in august, they had closed the main road for some construction projects and was set to reopen late october/ late fall.
this is what it looked like yesterday morning.
they will be lucky if it's done by christmas!
i could still walk to the trail heads, however, they have torn down the restrooms and ramadas.

because i had two cups of coffee {and needed the restrooms} and i had a class to teach later that morning...i made it a short hike...just wanted to check things out.
it was still beautiful.
i still got to see little quail running from shrub to shrub and happy fellow hikers taking in the morning tranquility.
i found myself thinking, "why the construction? the previous bathrooms and ramada were fine. there was seldom a line. they were clean and functioning. why the change?"
i was kind of annoyed.
change is always a pain...regardless of how life changing it is. this is a minor change in my world. and once completed, i'm sure it will be great. but. the process is a bit inconvenient. so...i just have to look at the positive. for example, with the road closed...i get to hike an extra 1-2 miles to and from the trail head! {and the trails will be less crowded}. making changes work in your favor is all about the perception!

recently, my local grocery store did a huge remodel. the aisles were filled with frustrated customers looking for their items. shoppers at the end of their ropes because the yogurt is not where it has always been. as i was checking out, the clerk mindlessly asked, "find everything ok?"
"well, yes. i had to look a little bit extra, but i found it. i really like the remodel. the flow makes more sense". he stopped mid-scan. "you are the first person who has said anything positive!"
i just smiled and told him people will come around. we humans are awful when it comes to change!

ok. i'm rambling a bit, but these were the thoughts floating through my head as i was getting annoyed over the fact that i was slightly inconvenienced on my mountain.
change is a pain in the butt, but it's a necessary part of life if we want to grow and develop. so our grocery shopping may take a little extra time until we learn where everything is and maybe i limit my coffee before hiking my's a small price to pay for new and improved things!

happy weekend! may it be filled with new trails and accepting changes!