Friday, November 3, 2017

weekend wishes

wednesday morning i woke up to kisses on my cheek and mr. c whispering, "happy anniversary. i love you and i would marry you all over again".
14 years later and i think we are both more in love than ever...and that is the most wonderful feeling in the world.
we spent our evening working out together in our tribe class and eating espo's at home while watching game 7 of the world series!! it was perfect. {bummer the dodgers lost, but it was still exciting to see the astros win and share their excitement}!

the rest of my week was blissful.
halloween came and went without much commotion. things definitely change as the kids get older. randi went with a friend to take her nephew trick or treating and cade dressed up and tried to scare kids as they came to our house for candy. he had a few friends over and they laughed, scared kids and behaved like 12/13 year old boys.

all of my fitness classes went well and spanish class was great, as always.
{i am loving being back in much, i am tossing around the idea of going to grad school}!!

my mom and i watched randi in her senior class play: the odyssey. it was condensed and given a modern twist. interesting.

this weekend will consist of: a friend's surprise birthday party, studying spanish, playing with my new cricut, reading, maybe a hike in this beautiful weather, maybe some baking...something with apples...

happy weekend! may it be filled with kisses and loving whispers.