Friday, December 8, 2017

weekend wishes

happy friday and happy weekend!

a few weeks ago, randi had senior pictures taken downtown and we found this awesome mural on a random wall. the walls around it had the birds flying all around. i loved it. and. i needed this message this week.
i have been a bit lost...mid life crisis, maybe?  ready to begin taking steps for that next chapter...the one where my kids are grown and i'm not needed as much. it's a strange place to be and it's a bit challenging. graduate school? part-time job? volunteer in an area of interest {other than kids' schools}?  

so. this weekend is all about regrouping. "what do i want"will be the question of the day. how can i make the world better? how can i ensure my kids are on the right track and will become successful adults? what steps can i take to help me begin that next chapter in a few years?

i know. it's a lot to ask in a weekend...but it's a start!

in between finding myself and saving the world...i also want to peruse pinterest for some fun gift ideas and do a little baking. {i took some scones to someone yesterday and she emailed me and asked which bakery i got them from. she loved them and wanted to buy some more}!

here's to a weekend full of happiness and finding oneself. may it be filled with  peace and love.