Friday, December 15, 2017

weekend wishes

happy friday!

another week has gone by...and here i am...all of these posts still rambling around in my head instead of on the blog! i have drafted several this week, having opinions on so many things! the #metoo movement {matt lauer}, motherhood, grad school, our president and his lack of ethics and intelligence, alabama {those voters came through}, holiday shopping, baking, the list goes on and on!

so instead of blogging {or getting out christmas cards} i made and decorated sugar cookies. it was relaxing. and. i want to make some more...using a different recipe. maybe this weekend. 

also this weekend...
i will finish up my shopping. after a marathon shopping day yesterday, i'm almost done! since we will be celebrating december birthdays and christmas with my family on monday...i need to be ready!

we will be celebrating an amazing man's 80th birthday on sunday. a man i consider a dad. {he has filled that role for 25 years}.

i will deliver lots of gifts to a home for children. {sunshine acres}. i'm so thankful for my friend, erma for asking me to do this. 

candy and gift making will be taking up some of my time. i am making chocolate clusters and peppermint sugar scrub for friends.

i will also be working on getting my running game back on! it's been too long. and...just to make sure i do it...i. signed up for the phoenix half marathon in february...five days after i turn 45!

on that new running shoes are laced up and it's time to hit the trail. happy, happy weekend!
may it be filled with delightful shopping and sugar cookie wishes!