Wednesday, January 17, 2018


2018 back fantasy camp champions!!! coached by mark grace and steve randolph!

mr. c participated in his 7th {or 8th...we can't remember} camp last week. as always, it was a great week!  i only made it our for one full day {two games} and the championship game. cade ditched school and went out with me for the full day. both the kids left school early and came out to watch him win the title {for the second year in a row}!

my cute boys. they are both in their happiest of places!

this rockstar played unbelievably well. {i owe it to our tribe work outs}! it was probably his best year yet and he had very little aches and pains.

this kid has already asked if he can miss the entire week of school next year.
sure! as long as you don't have any absences leading up to it and your grades are good. :)

the final game was awesome. we went in to the bottom of the 9th down by one. mr. c hit a double and then ollie knocked a good one...bringing in two runs. we won! it was good baseball.

{however, randi - who loves the game - at one point leaned over and said, "this is a little painful for me to watch." she was referring to the old guys slowly rounding the bases}.

after the game, the kids went home and i stayed the night at the resort with mr. c. we attended the banquet and reunited with old friends. it was so much fun. this camp is a definite highlight every year!