Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

 happy new year!!!
out with the old. in with the new.

reflections on 2017:

  • the year started on a sad note as i watched a man be sworn in as president of the united states. a horrible man who should not be the president of the united states.
  • i watched my love play baseball at baseball camp.
  • i did a whirlwind tour of colleges back east with randi {and got to see the white house}.
  • i hiked havasupai {check off the bucket list} with my brother.
  • i watched cade play in all-stars...he was a rockstar.
  • i kissed randi goodbye as she set off to grow and learn in india.
  • i relaxed on the beaches of la jolla.
  • i took a college spanish class {and got a 97%}.
  • i hiked the grand canyon with my sister in law {and friend}.
  • i applied {and was declined} to grad school. {still a growing and learning experience}.
  • i basked in the sunshine with my love in playa del carmen.
  • i spent thanksgiving with friends in one of my favorite places {greer}.
  • i explored the caribbean sea on a ship with my loves over christmas.
  • {i also laughed and cried. i loved until it hurt. i grew as a person and cherished life}.
looking forward to 2018:
  • more running
  • more reading
  • more diy
  • learning more spanish
  • exploring new places {road trips? camping? backpacking?}
  • more blogging
  • more volunteering
  • continuing to learn, grow, live, and laugh!
  • {this will also be the year i will watch one of my babies gradate high school and enter college...and the other one will begin his last year of middle school...and i will turn 45}.

baking highlights of 2017:

  • lots of scones
  • boston cream pie cupcakes
  • rose cupcakes
  • soft pretzels
  • sunflower cupcakes
  • buttermilk biscuits {reminding me of my nana}
  • lots and lots of chocolate chip cupcakes 
  • chocolate cookies with peanut butter filling
more baking in 2018. 
more baking to feed my soul. more baking to bring smiles to the faces i love. more baking to connect with my roots. more baking to make the world a better place.

here's to a fabulous 2018!!!