Monday, January 8, 2018

monday + muffins

{banana chocolate chip muffins}

mondays and muffins go together like peanut butter and jelly. am i right?

it was a nice monday, but warm muffins in the afternoon make it even better.
as i tackled projects at home today, my thoughts kept going back to the overripe bananas on the counter and how happy my babies would be to come home to some scrumptious muffins. {and i was right. they were more than happy to fill their bellies with the sweet goodness}.

i managed to check a few things off the list today. working out, doctor's appointment, laundry...and finding volunteer projects for me and cade to do a few times a month. we found projects at an animal shelter, food bank, united way, youth center, and children's hospital.  we are ready to spread some love!

i also researched a white water rafting trip through the grand canyon. and wouldn't you know it? they have space in april. and it's extra cool because there is additional hiking throughout the trip!! cade got home while i was looking it up. i told him he should just go with me. skip school. this is a once in a lifetime experience! he reminded me that he doesn't have that many days left to miss. i {jokingly} suggested i just pull him out the last two months and home school him. the kid didn't even hesitate. he immediately said ok!  
since that is not going to happen...i will probably need to plan the trip for a future date. 
{i really, really want to do it}.

another reason monday was so nice? i woke up still on a high from oprah's fabulous speech at the golden globes. seriously. she could move mountains. she empowers me and makes me want to be better. she rocked only oprah can. now there is talk of her running for president. hhmmmm...i love her, but i'm not big on electing people to lead our country who do not have the experience of politics and law. the thought process of electing trump because he wasn't a politician was ignorant. {in my humble opinion}.  i want someone who has trained for the job. i believe she is brilliant and could run circles around trump, but i would need to hear her debate...hear her knowledge. i know she already has the passion. she would not just add another chapter to the history books. she would add a new book.  oprah 2020?? better than kanye!  {or - heaven help us - trump}!