Friday, January 5, 2018

weekend wishes

{my running path. i love how the trees perfectly reflect in the water}.
happy friday!
happy weekend!
happy first week of 2018!!!

the year is off to a fabulous start. nothing really out of the ordinary happened this week, but we are home and we are healthy and happy!

it was nice to get back to teaching my classes and working out with my trainer, but it was great to get my running legs back! i was able to hit the canal three times this week {and will do it again tomorrow}. my time is a little slower than when i left off, but it feels good. it is a definite happy zone for me.

this week i also tidied up my craft room and did a little organizing. in the process, i found four unfinished projects. four! guess what? i put those little projects right in the middle of my work table so i can get them done. the projects are: a cross stitch, some knitting, embroidery, and sewing.
i also bought a few things to help save space and stay organized. i found this fabulous thing and love it! {i got it during a daily deal, but i think you can find discount codes}.

this weekend will be filled with finishing projects! and running, cleaning, and watching some baseball. {cade has a game}. i would also like to try and make these homemade ding dongs.  i'm still searching recipes...this may not be the one.

i also hope to finish my book {bear town}. it is SO GOOD! i highly recommend it.

here's to a weekend full of happiness...and cleaning and organizing...and tiding up! may it be filled with checkmarks on to do lists and finding time to finish those projects!


ps - i made this santa fe chicken for dinner tonight. it was a hit!