Sunday, January 14, 2018

weekend wishes

{after school snack this week: soft pretzels}

happy weekend! 
i know, the weekend is almost over. but. it is a three day weekend, so technically...we still have a day to go! 
{i was busy friday and saturday watching mr. c play baseball at fantasy camp. i watched him play AND win the championship. yes, he is a rockstar}!

my wish for this weekend is kindness.
i have been trying to stay positive, but my heart has been heavy. 
each day i try my best to smile and be kind and polite to those i pass. it really isn't that hard. i let the person merge in to traffic ahead of me, i ask the sales creek how her day is going, i tell the police officer thank you, i smile and say hello to the stranger walking past me...little things. this is how i choose to live my life and it is the example i set for my children.  however, sometimes it is challenging when our president continues to spew hate.
this week he referred to the home of others as "shit hole countries" and he wants to keep them out {immigrants from haiti and african countries}. i really despise that man and i really struggle with the fact that he has supporters. he is a racist, sexist, bigot. i am still baffled at the fact that he is our leader.

so. i say let's be better than him! {which isn't hard}. 
shower the world with kindness. 
be the reason someone smiles today. 
be kind.


sidenote: i have only been on facebook for 17 months and today i deactivated my account. i was not gaining anything positive from it. instead, i would see a post or comment from someone supporting this president and defending what he says or stating that women just need to suck it up when it comes to the #metoo movement. i couldn't take it anymore. my pulse would quicken and i would get a little sick feeling. i would want to say something, but hate confrontation. i knew i would never change their minds and they for sure as hell won't change mine. the facebook world is not for me. {i actually tried to delete it, but they make it seem like it's the end of the world if you delete it...which should give us all cause to be concerned}!