Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Growing Up

A few weeks ago, Randi had a school dance. She got ready at her friend's house and I met them at the photo spot. I got there first. She arrived a few minutes later with her group of friends. She stepped out of the car and I held my breath. Where was my little girl? She was nowhere to be seen.
All of the sudden this beautiful young woman, laughing with her friends, approached me and said, "hi mom!" What? When did this happen?
{I'm not going to lie. I cried all the way home that afternoon}.

She is such an amazing girl with a great group of friends.

{randi and dylan}

And a very sweet boyfriend.
{Seriously. Even as I type this and see the pictures again I am in awe of the beautiful young woman she is}. 
{randi and cecilia}

This is, by far, my favorite picture. A genuine laugh between friends.

{randi and sarah}
These two. She and Sarah have been best friends since freshman year. They are hilarious. They are always laughing and "yelling" at each other during's a miracle I got a good one!

Senior year is flying by. She is always on the go...soaking up every minute of her last year of high school. It's very exciting and a little sad. She gets more and more independent every day. She is more than ready to spread her wings. My heart is full of pride and I'm anxious for her wings to fly because I can't wait to see what she does and where she goes...but my heart is also a little sad...wanting to hold on to that little girl...wanting her to have time for me. I know. Selfish. But. I'm a mom. Can't I be a little selfish?

My babies are growing up. They are teenagers now. Their needs are greater and less...all at the same time. These teen years wear me out much more than those toddler years.
I worry more.
I love more.
I stress more.
I laugh more.
I love and hate the fact they are growing up.
But more than anything...I am proud of these kids who are growing up right before me.
{Regardless of how many gray hairs they give me}!