Monday, February 26, 2018

Hello Monday

Hello Monday.  Hello. Hello. Hello.
I would have really liked one more Sunday, but you came anyway!

This week I have to be extremely diligent with my time. I have over booked myself and am going in a few different directions... but it's all good. {At least that is what I keep telling myself}.

This marathon week comes at a time when we are all tired and too busy. Randi is fighting a bad cold and needs to finish her senior thesis, Cade has baseball every day and night {and a science fair project due this week}, Mr. C is always busy, and I am feeding staff at both schools this week and will end the week in a three day training {plus all the day in and day out stuff}.  And I'm sure there will be lots of homework thrown out there all week. 
OK. Since we are talking about homework...can I just say how much I dislike it?! I mean I really, really dislike it. We are too busy. Grades are good...let's just let it be. Nobody has time for that nonsense! {Not to mention I want to poke my eyes out during homework time with Cade. He would rather do anything else and frankly, so would I}!

I spent most of today cleaning. {Had to get that checked off my eternal long list for the week. I can't function if the house is not in order. I also can't function without a list...but that's a different post for another time}. At one point I realized I had not seen Miss Mia in a while. I called her name and she poked her head out from our bedroom pillows. {Cutest dog. Ever}.

OK. Wish me luck on feeding the masses, homework, sick baby, baseball, laundry, dinners, and on and on and on.

Happy Monday!