Friday, February 23, 2018

weekend wishes

{Flat Iron}

Happy Friday!!!

I'm exhausted and very glad it's Friday. {Now I only wish I could sleep in tomorrow}! 
It was another busy week...birthday, hikes, science fair project, homework, baseball, dinners, volunteering, laundry, teaching, workouts...on and on and on.

I'm not going to lie. I had a couple of {near} melt down moments where I just wanted to sit down and cry. And I probably would have if I had more time!!

There was a day or two where I was in a funk. Stressed and worried about work, baseball, relationships, and how was I going to fix it all. 

The state of our country doesn't help matters either. I have tried to avoid the news. I'm a daily newspaper reader, but lately I skim it. The best article I read the other day was everything you ever wanted to know about warthogs. Seriously. Best story in the entire paper. Everything else is depressing. There was another school shooting. 17 dead. It's not even shocking anymore. And, what's worse, it's not shocking to watch our leaders do NOTHING about it. The whole thing disgusts me.
This time.
This time our amazing youth stepped up to the mic and said, "listen to us! We demand change!" I have hope in our country because I believe in our youth. They will make a difference.

With all that said...
I did have lots of happiness this week too {besides having a birthday and doing a few hikes}.
There is a song by Luke Bryan called Most People Are Good. Randi sent it to me about a month ago because she knew I would like it. She was right.  Then, a few days ago, Cade and I were driving home. We were pulling in to the garage when the song came on. He turned up the radio and said, "oh, this is the song I was telling you about. I really like it. Don't turn the car off. Let's listen." So I sat there with my 13 year old and listened to the song again. I said, "yeah, it's a great song." And he replied, "I really like it and it talks about everything you believe. You know?"
Yup. I know.
I got a little lump in my throat and I had one of those little {triumphant} parent moments when you think, "I might actually be doing something right."

Here's to a weekend full of love and little triumphant moments.


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