Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Thoughts on a Tuesday

{a little bit of spring blossoming on this plant}.

Life has been a little busy lately, and I'm pretty sure it's only going to get busier until June.  End of the school year is crazier than the holidays! Plus, having a senior amplifies everything!!

Last week was spring break. Randi went to DC with her senior class {more on that later} and the rest of us hung here and enjoyed the weather. Cade did a little baseball and a lot of Fort Night. {His - and every other kid his age - latest obsession}. There were a few sleep overs where junk food and late nights were the norm.  We went to a Suns game {so different than they used to be} and an ASU baseball game {sunshine, green grass, cold beer and a hot dog...perfection}. It was a nice, mellow week. Just what we needed!

Random thoughts...

Hair. After chopping lots of inches off my hair a couple of weeks ago I can't stop thinking about going shorter! It's ridiculous how much time I put in to my hair...not doing my hair, but thinking about my hair. I have a pinterest board full of short styles. I have a few more weeks until my next appointment, so I have lots of time to continue thinking about it!

Sugar. I would really love to give up this sweet substance, but then I think...life's too short!
Right? {I would still like to. Kind of}.

Spring. Today is the official first day of spring. It was a gorgeous day and I am ready for more! Bring on the 80's!! I am such a warm weather desert rat. I would cry if I woke up to snow this morning. Waking up to sunshine and birds singing is WAY better! I will take our 115 degree summer over those snowy, cold winters of other states.

Movies.  Recently we watched three great movies: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Lady Bird, and Shape of Water. They are all fabulous! Shape of Water surprised me. I wasn't sure about it, but it is so good...worth every award it won!

Politics and the news. I'm sickened, saddened, and tired of it all. For decades I have been a Today show fan, and although I still love Savannah and Hoda - I can't stand Megyn Kelly. So. I watch 
I Love Lucy in the mornings. It makes me laugh and smile. I still peruse the newspaper as I watch Lucy, but I skim most of the articles. If anything starts out negative I skip right over it. It's almost exhausting to keep caring. I know that is the worst attitude to have, but things aren't changing.  No matter how many school shootings happen or how many lies the president tells, or how many women come out against him with sexual harassment charges...things stay the same. Everyone lies and cheats. I would rather focus on happy things like...

The lovely bird I have watched for the past week build a nest in our lemon tree - right outside our living room window. {Can you see the group of twigs up there}? After doing some research {in my handy dandy bird book} I think it's a warbler. I'm so excited! I love watching him/her {who builds the nest?} and the thought of having babies this spring makes me happy. Watching this bird work tirelessly building her home is way happier than watching our leaders in the news. Listening to the birds sing in the mornings as they feed from the feeder and the hummingbirds sit and drink outside my kitchen window is happiness. It's calming. It's positive. It's goodness.

One more thing...
Baking. Randi informed me the other day that I have not been baking very much lately and she would be leaving soon...so I should be baking for her! {She is really going to miss me when she is at school}!

With that said...I'm off to bake!