Friday, March 2, 2018

weekend wishes

{the mighty saguaro}

Thank goodness it's freaking Friday.
I don't very often have bad days, let alone bad weeks.
This was a week from hell.

It started with an email from a 7th grade science teacher on Monday and ended with phone calls with the 7th grade admin on Friday.
A lot of crap in the middle.
{Which means...there was no time for hiking}.

I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say a teacher and I were not seeing eye to eye about my 13 year old. Fortunately, the rest of the teachers all had very positive feedback. 
{We all had that teacher. The one we remember, but not in a good way. Right}?
The whole thing exhausted me.  
In between my dealings with this teacher I was at the school feeding the staff, baking 8 dozen cookies and 5 dozen muffins for Randi's school, teaching, volunteering at my happy place, and participating in a {very strenuous} training {for my fitness certification}. And...I came home yesterday to find my neighbor had hacked my lemon tree. Really. She is so paranoid about roof rats that she cut off unripened lemons from our tree. A lot of them. The damn rats are not going to eat those.
She received a lovely email from me.
{Seriously. All week I fired off emails. Blunt. Direct. Aggressive. I've come a long way}.

The week is behind me now. 
Moving on.

The weekend will be filled with more training. Although it's strenuous, I love it. It's me and a handful of kids {21-23 year olds}. They are great with tons of energy! We are all getting certified to coach TRIBE. It's awesome and I am completely addicted to it.

My reflections of the week...
Although it was hell. I'm grateful for my age, my experience, the ability to stand up for what I believe and communicate. This teacher did not even have the decency to reply to my emails. I was never mean. I was professional. I was supportive. But. I told the truth and called her out. 

Here's to a weekend full of love, happiness, and standing for what you believe. 
Speaking the truth. 
Living right.
Being the mighty saguaro!


PS - Now I'm off to catch up on some Grey's!