Friday, March 9, 2018

Weekend Wishes

"Best be yourself, imperial, plain, and true!" - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I really am glad it's Friday.
And I'm super happy it's Spring Break Friday!!!!
{Cade may be a little more excited than me}.
I haven't been feeling well this week and finally went to the doctor today. {They almost had to take me as a new patient because it had been three years since my last visit. I am NEVER sick}.
But. This week I was.
Ugh! That explains the tightness in my chest, the difficulty breathing, and the yucky cough. Damn it.  Hopefully, with the z-pack and some steroids, I will feel good as new by tomorrow...or at least Sunday. I have things to do! I canceled most of my day on Wednesday and Thursday...thinking I could make it go away, but it was worse this morning. {I still taught today...probably not a good idea...thought I was going to die}!

I am happy for the weekend and happy to put these last two weeks behind me. {Honestly, I think I got sick because of all the negative energy I was surrounded by last week...dealing with an unpleasant teacher. It messed with my mo-jo. However, I had an awesome time at the TRIBE coach training over the weekend. Pictured above}.

Onward and upward!
I canceled my workouts for tomorrow. {Which kind of bums me out, but I'm not going to lie...I'm kind of excited about having zero obligations in the morning}. Instead, I will be doing a little pampering by getting a mani and then heading to baseball games!! Cade has games tomorrow evening and I get to go to a spring training game on Sunday {with one of my favorite people}. 
Baseball! Baseball! Baseball! Springtime in AZ is fabulous!

I may do a little shopping at two of my favorite boutiques {Bunky and Frances}. Although...trying to be mellow the last few days has lead me to do some online shopping. I got some cute stuff from Fire Daughter Clothing and Saturday Morning Pancakes.

Mostly this weekend, I'm looking forward to relaxing and feeling better...and to no school for a week!!!

Here's to a weekend full of love, relaxation, and feeling better! {And baseball, of course}!

Oh! I did keep one appointment while I was feeling cruddy. {Because when doesn't a new cut make you feel better}?! I chopped the locks! I got the bug and didn't hesitate. It feels good and I actually was able to donate. Yes, may hair was that long!

happy! happy!
love! love!