Thursday, April 26, 2018

Because I Can

{me at the rugged maniac}

"mindy, why would you voluntarily run an obstacle race through the mud, sand, rocks?"
because it's fun.
it's invigorating.
because. i can.

{i recently participated in the rugged maniac. story to come}!

life has been crazier than usually lately. it's all good, just busy. cade has been playing on two baseball teams. randi is wrapping up her senior year and all that it entails. mr. c is busy with work and baseball. and i am busy making sure they all have and do what they need to! {not to mention my classes, volunteering, baking, housekeeping, etc.}

however, as busy as life is i still found myself squeezing in one more thing. for example, several times this past month i have taken lunch to cade. the ladies in the office think i'm too nice and crazy. a few times i have surprised randi and her bff by asking what they would like for lunch. when randi asked why i was going to do that i simply said, "because i can". there will come a time when they won't be right down the street at school. i won't be able to drop off a lunch or treat. life changes, but right now i can do those things and i will. are they spoiled? absolutely! but do i love spoiling them? absolutely!

a week ago i chopped off my locks even more. "why did you cut your hair?"
because i wanted a change. i didn't want to live in a pony tail all summer.
because it feels good.
because. i can.
{hair deserves it's own blog post. for something that is not a permanent change - people react like it's earth shattering. however, i have had so many compliments and it feels fabulous}!

{me and my babies circa: 2013}

"mom, why do you have to smile at and talk to everyone we pass?"
because they might just have a fascinating story.
because they may be having a bad day and a friendly smile will make them feel better.
because they might make me see things differently.
because. it's just a better way to go through life.
because. i can.