Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cleats and Corsages

this past weekend was a busy one. {by sunday night i could barely keep my eyes open}!
cade had a tournament starting friday night. it was over by 10, but i still had to get home and help with some prom prep. i was in bed a little after midnight and back up by 5:30.  more games were to be played!

although i had little sleep...i'm always happy to watch him play. he steals my heart, this kid.
the tournament went through sunday afternoon. it was a fun, wood bat tournament at my favorite park in the valley!  not a bad way to spend some sunny days!

saturday night was senior prom!!! my little girl looked stunning, although, i guess she is not a little girl anymore.

randi did not know how to pin on the boutonniere, so mimi stepped in for the rescue!

cute couple...if i do say so myself.

randi and her bestie. these two crack me up. great, funny, strong girls. it will be fun to see how they shake up the world!

figuring out hand placement. randi felt she needed her hand on her hip...poor dylan didn't know where that left his.

randi and vanessa...obviously in the middle of a very good story!

her sweet corsage. she went to the same florist i worked for through college. {and they did my wedding}.

i love this picture. i know it's a little blurry, but candid laughing pictures are my favorite.

a sundevil and two wildcats. {vanessa and cecilia will be heading off to the U this fall}.

randi is president of social committee, so prom was her last hurrah. she said it was perfect. she was happy with decorations, venue, dinner, everything.
she makes me proud.
i'm so grateful she surrounds herself with great friends. these memories she is making will last a life time...and she is making good ones.

while all of this was happening, mr. c and i were at a charity event with friends. i had cade burning up my phone asking when i was going to pick him up and randi checking in a couple of times. needless to say - i was a little preoccupied at our event. {but i loved being with our friends}!
i finally made it to bed by 1 AM and was back up around 6 AM {just because i can't sleep in}. i taught my super fun cycle class and went straight to the ball fields! {now you understand why i crashed sunday night}!

it was a weekend for the memory books...loved every minute. sleep deprivation and all!