Wednesday, May 9, 2018

More Than a Game

"baseball was, is and will always will be to me the best game in the world." - babe ruth

when i was a little girl, my mom had a little television set in the kitchen. it sat back in the corner of the countertops. if the dallas cowboys were playing on sunday afternoon, she had it on while she prepared our sunday dinner. the image is so vivid in my mind's eye.

i do not follow the cowboys or the nfl for that matter. 
{i kind of pay attention to the cardinals during season...but not really}.
baseball is my love.
i loved it as a high schooler {well, i loved baseball players}.
i married a baseball player.
i have a daughter who loves the game.
and i am mom to a baseball player.
i love it.
if the dbacks are playing...we have the game on.
we attend games any chance we get. we go as a family. we take friends. sometimes the boys go. sometimes it's just the girls. and sometimes it's a perfect date night.
{i even suggested spending mother's day at the ball park}.
i am grateful for this "love of the game" and common interest the four of us share. some people don't get the game or find it to be too slow, but not us. 
randi knows the game better than most and has tried educating friends on the greatness of the game.
cade has had more front yard baseball games 
with neighborhood kids than i can count {or remember}.
and bob's passion and knowledge for the game is a rare gem.
when randi was deciding on colleges one of her reasons for staying in state was to be close so she could watch her brother play though high school.
{awe! trust me. i soaked up this rare sibling love}!

it is not just a game. it teaches humility, patience, strategy, aggressiveness, tenacity...
and you count everything!
one of my favorite quotes about baseball {but pertains to real life} is:
"don't let the fear of striking out hold you back." - babe ruth

i adore watching this guy play. i love watching him grow and be challenged with every game. 
he's had some rough games and some great games. 
he has sat on the bench, batted last, and been talked to by the ump.
he has also been the starting pitcher, lead off batter and played first base every inning.

lessons learned. sore muscles. bumps and scrapes.
lots of laughter, celebrations, and winning moments.
{and a very proud mom}.

"some people wait a lifetime to meet their favorite player. i'm raising mine."